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1.10 – Kingdom

Parent’s Prayer

Feel free to pray your own prayer or use the following as an outline:

Dear God,

Thank you for being such a loving God; thank you for always forgiving us no matter what we do. Thank you for the sacrifice you made on the cross for us and grow us in our relationship with you and each other during this time we have together.


Scripture Search

Read through the following section of scripture:

Mark 4:26-34

Read through the following sections of the small catechism:

In the Explanation of the Small Catechism, read about the Second Petition and questions 212 to 214.


Question Time

1. What is a kingdom? Why do you think Jesus spends so much time talking about the Kingdom of God?

A kingdom is anything that a King is ruling over. Jesus spends a lot of time talking about the Kingdom of God because he wants all people to live with Christ as their King.

2. The Kingdom of Power is all around us, it’s everything in God’s creation. What are some places in the world that you see God’s power?

Share some people or places that you can see God’s power. This isn’t necessarily a look at how God is working in Christians, but in all the world.

3. The Kingdom of Grace is all Christians. What do you have to do to get into this Kingdom?

Nothing. You don’t do anything to get into the Kingdom of Grace, it’s all about what Christ has done. Because of Jesus’ death and resurrection he has freed you from sin. If you have faith in what Jesus did for you, you are a part of the Kingdom of Grace already.

4. What do you think will be the best part about being heaven?

Come up with what you think you will enjoy about being heaven and share your answers too.  Simply being in the presence of God will be incredible and is beyond imaginable. Read Revelation 7:17. Talk about how great it will be when there is no more sin, no more pain, no more sadness.

5 . Part of what we pray for in this petition is that those who don’t know Christ yet will become a part of this Kingdom. Who in your life can you share God’s love with? What are some ways you can share it with them?

Try to think of people in yours and your student’s life that you need to share Christ’s love with. Encourage your student to share their faith with their friends and invite them to church.


Work together to define the following words:

Kingdom of Power: anything or everything that God rules over

Kingdom of Grace: the Christian Church, all those who believe in Jesus as their Savior

Kingdom of Glory: the heavenly kingdom that God lives in and we will someday see


Student’s Prayer

Feel free to pray your own prayer or use the following as an outline:

Dear God,

Help me to remember that I am a part of your kingdom. Help me to make choices knowing that I am a part of your kingdom and help me to share my faith with those that do not yet know you. Thank you for dying for us so that we can live in the Kingdom of Grace today and have the promise of heaven in the future.


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